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9 Web Designing Styles that Appear to be Fading in 2014

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span>The flourishing web technology and Internet offers incredible benefits that aren’t just helping businesses to generate greater returns but has also provided users a more powerful and secure medium, which helps them accomplish their task with greater convenience.

Indubitably, web technology has evolved as a boon to innumerable businesses. Nowadays, a significant online presence can help businesses, organizations and individuals do wonders and excel in their field. There are several factors that affect your online presence and one of the major factor is your website design. Thus, it is imperative for a web designer to follow the updated and trendy web designs.

However, it is quite hard to stay updated with the ever fluctuating web trends, but one must keep track of the designing trends that are unlikely to be seen again and thus, these should be strictly avoided. Here is a list of web designs that will be doomed in 2014.

  1. Flash intros: Today, flash intros can be only found on some outdated websites. Since, users now expect lesser surprises and more control over a website, this designing style is proved to be an annoying one. They not only add to the page loading time, but
    • are not even supported on Apple mobile devices – so, you can loose your potential viewers and customers.
    • are not recognizable by Google – thus, it’s not SEO friendly.

    Hence, designers should avoid this style and rather follow some simple and clean designs.

  2. Multiple Fonts: Restrict to minimum numbers of fonts to create a simple yet attractive appeal.
  3. Extraneous Content: It’s advisable to always add stuff that makes sense, don’t add features that look cool, but are useless to your site..
  4. Logos with script fonts inscribed in a circle
  5. Unwanted Popups: This is a mobile era, where almost everything is moving towards responsiveness to facilitates users with access ease and to reach wider audience base. You might have observed automated popups while browsing some site or shopping online, isn’t it annoying?.
  6. Stock Photos.
  7. Videos playing automatically.
  8. Boasting homepage with sliding banners.
  9. Sidebars.

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