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Embedding a YouTube video does not infringe copyright

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he European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that embedding a copyrighted YouTube video on a website does not constitute copyright infringement.

The ruling concerns a case referred to the ECJ by the German Federal Court of Justice (BestWater International) in 2013. The case had originally been stayed, pending the ECJ’s decision in Svensson, in which it was found that hyperlinking to a previously published work is not copyright infringement.

“Together, both cases are likely to have a major impact on future copyright cases in the EU,” reported TorrentFreak.com, which was the first to announce the ruling after it received an advance copy of the decision. According to the website's translation of the BestWater ruling, the ECJ found that embedding a file or video does not breach its creator’s copyrights under European law, so long as it’s not altered or communicated to a new public.

This means that internet users that embed copyrighted videos or images from other websites could be protected from copyright infringement actions. However, it remains to be seen whether that protection will also extend to streaming or hosting movie sites that use third-party services to embed infringing videos.

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