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Top SEO and Content Predictions for 2015

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n just two weeks we’ll be into 2015 (scary, I know!) – so with that in mind, today seemed like the perfect time to start looking ahead to 2015 to see what the next 12 months might hold for the digital industry.

Seeing as how I work mainly in SEO and Content, I thought I’d throw my two cents in and take a stab at what the next 12 months might hold for these niches.

  1. More Of A Focus On Mobile When Ranking Sites: It’s no secret that mobile is big business and in 2015, I think we’re going to start to see it affecting SEO a lot more. Why? Because Google have already starting to tag websites which are mobile-friendly in the SERPs which means it’s already starting to identify which websites have mobile-friendly features (both in terms of the technical issues and user experience) – and I think these factors are going to start to directly affect where sites rank when someone uses Google on their mobile device more and more in 2015. Why? Because they’ve already told us this is something they’ve started to experiment with on their very own Webmaster Central Blog:

    The message? If your site doesn’t work well on mobile – fix it, sooner rather than later!

  2. More Personalised Content: Thanks to Big Data, brands have more data about us than ever and as a result, in 2015 I think we can expect to see brands to placing a larger focus on delivering more personalised content that meets the needs and preferences of individual users and customers.

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