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fter 16 years, there is a second version for HTTP.

HTTP is one of the most important standars today on the Internet, and after a really long waiting, the new version HTTP/2 is finally here.

According to Mark Nottingham, chair of IETF HTTP Working Group, it has been ready since February 18th. Right now is under evaluation and it still needs to pass a few controls before being available for the public.

Since 1999, Hypertext Transfer Protocol has not deployed new versions, this is way back when version 1.1 was released.

One of the biggest changes that we are getting is the fastest load time for the sites and the sessions are going to last longer. Also, from now on developers will have multiplexing, and they will be able to send multiple requests at the same time.

In no way HTTP/2 is a substitute to HTTPS security protocol; the "s" in HTTPS means that HTTP is being executed through another security protocol (usually TLS "Transport Layer Security"), which means that HTTP / 2 will too.

It has been said that Firefox and Chrome (which announced recently that they are making the changes to the new protocol) are only going to support this version once it becomes available.


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